Conserving our Heritage

We have considerable experience in working with historic structures, utilising traditional construction materials and methods of construction. We have worked with listed buildings from grade I through to grade II, including buildings of national historic importance. The following is a list of some of the elements of historic structures of which we have expertise.

  • Cob construction – we have considerable experience in dealing with cob, which is a complex subject. Unfortunately cob has been abused historically by poor repairs having been undertaken, together with inappropriate non-breathable renders and plasters – read more
  • Timber cruck frames – we can carry out schemes for repairing old timber cruck frames, which may have been subjected to damage and/or decay. We can also carry out design analysis and specify strengthening where required.
  • Timber A-frame trusses – we have experience in dealing with timber A-frame roof trusses and there are a number of shortfalls with this design. The horizontal tie of an A-frame truss is raised and the higher the tie, the more the principle rafter members will deflect beneath, which exerts outward forces to external walls of a building. We have experience in analysing these trusses, assessing how they may affect the building as a whole and we can draw up schemes for remedial works and strengthening.
  • Lime renders and plasters – lime renders and plasters were used historically and allow buildings to breathe, keeping moisture levels of walls under control. In modern years, many buildings have been rendered with sand/cement material resulting in considerable damage to walls, timber lintels and any timber incorporated or built into walls (such as lintels). We have experience in assessing buildings damaged by sand/cement renders and can specify remedial works, together with specifications for appropriate repairs, lime renders and plasters.
  • Refurbishment – we can assist with appropriate and sympathetic refurbishment and repair of an historic structure.
  • Alterations – we can assist with providing structural details to ensure that alterations do not adversely affect an historic structure providing the necessary structural beams and frames while assessing the effect on the overall stability of the building.
  • Extensions – we can provide advice for extensions to historic buildings to ensure that they do not have an adverse effect on the original building with particular regard to interconnection of roof trusses, floors, walls, foundations also need to be considered as many foundations to historic buildings can be very shallow.
  • Load assessments – assessment of the load capacity of floors for health and safety, normally for commercial buildings.
  • This is a link to a selection of Historic projects undertaken – historic projects