Scaffold Shoring Design for Building Facades Following Fire at the Royal Clarence Hotel, Cathedral Close, Exeter

We have been asked to provide temporary works design to secure the façade of number 18 Cathedral Yard following the tragic fire.  We are very sad about the loss of so much important fabric to these buildings, but hopefully they will be restored to their original glory soon.

New Exeter Bus Station Headquarters and Matford Park and Ride, Marsh Barton, Exeter, Devon

The new Exeter Bus Station has recently been handed over, the project being a great success.

We provided Civil Engineering design and support for Andrew Cowie Construction Ltd, which has been an exciting fast track project involving assessment of existing features, services, drainage and integrating these with the new design.
There is more information on this project using the following link.

Tunnels Beaches, Ilfracombe, Devon

Work is underway on Tunnels Beaches new improved wedding venue in Ilfracombe, which is featured in the North Devon journal.  The project involves the transformation of the already popular luxury beach front wedding venue, due to be opened March 2017.  The following is a link to the North Devon journal article.

New structural steelwork is being transported to the site using a crane, located in the highway above, and...

Extensions and Alterations to ForFarmers, Sowton Industrial Estate, Exeter, Devon

We are the lead Structural and Civil Engineers for a major upgrade to the Exeter ForFarmers Mill, involving a number of extensions and major alterations to the existing building.  This involves liaising with ForFarmers and Subcontractors supplying new feed bins, silos, various plant and machinery.

The work in the existing building is complex with heavy structural steelwork required to deal with high loads from new bins and silos.  Some alterations have an effect on stability of the main building so we have had to deal with this by introducing stability frames.

The following...

Anaerobic Digestate (Renewable Energy) Plant to convert silage, maize, and food waste to Methane Gas

We are currently working on a number of Anaerobic Digestate plants involving heavy Civil Engineering works.  The work involves roads, paved areas, structures and bases for various items of plant, together with foul, dirty and storm water drainage. 

One site at Great Hele, South Molton, is nearing completion and already has gas being fed into the National Gas Grid.  We have three further projects in early stages of design and construction.  The following is a link to the Greener for Life website with further information about...

Eagle Yard Development, Tudor Street, Exeter, Devon

We are currently involved in a complex development in Tudor Street, Exeter, involving demolition of existing industrial buildings and replacing them with high quality Post Graduate Student Accommodation.
We commissioned Lanes Group to carry out a drainage survey so that we can assess the strength of a culvert running beneath an Elizabethan building.  The drainage team came up with a novel idea of mounting the drainage survey camera on a surfboard and floating it through the...

Cove House, Torcross, Devon

We have been appointed as Structural Engineers for the design of an exciting bespoke contemporary house situated adjacent to the seafront at Torcross.  This is a very interesting project involving specialist structural design to result in very slender construction to suit the architectural visualisation of the building.
The house was designed by Architect Russell Jones –
At the rear of the building is a steep cliff and a very steep access track.  The design is required to take into account the...

Remedial Works Resulting from Oil Contamination

We have recently been appointed for a number of commissions for remediation resulting from leaking domestic central heating fuel.  Testing and treatment of oil contamination is carried out by a specialist contractor and our involvement is relating to removing contaminated soil beneath floors and foundations to the building.  This work can become very involved, particularly when adjoining properties are affected with the requirement for a party wall award.  It is not only the soil which can become contaminated as oil can penetrate foundations and masonry walls resulting in the need for...